Archaeological Wood Database

What is WOODAN?

WOODAN is a public database of archaeological wooden artefacts.

Users can search for finds from the Netherlands.

The system provides a way to share and research our cultural heritage.

With WOODAN it is possible to compare new discoveries with existing data.

How to use

Search for finds using the search field above.

Use Advanced Search or Search by Lists.

Submit finds using the Entry Form

See the manual for the list of all features.


Several specialists are working together on WOODAN.

WOODAN is developed with the Department of Cultural Heritage (nl).

WOODAN links to other systems

Many of the finds in WOODAN are published in a book.

At WOODAN we are looking for partners and research institutes who are willing to work together to establish an international base-system!
Archeologische houtvondst 1
Archeologische houtvondst 2
Archeologische houtvondst 3

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